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League City, TX

League City, located in the Greater Houston, TX area, is home to about 102,00 people. Most of these residents are within the 25-64-year age range, starting their own families and raising their children. Of these households, about 73% identify themselves as Christians. If you are new to the area or currently living in the League City area and are looking for a new Christian church, look no further than Life Fellowship Ministries.

We are a Bible-based, Christ-centered, and worship driven church. We offer a variety of ministries to help demonstrate our spirituality and act on our belief in serving others and giving back to the community. If you wish to be a part of our team, contact us today or stop by our Christian church.

Join our watershed church!

When you think about a watershed, can you picture an area of land that separates water to flow into different avenues including lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, etc? We consider our church a watershed. As a large area, or in our cause a large group, we flow into the community, sharing our beliefs and acting on God’s word. Join us in spreading our faith.

Community Church 

As a community church, we aren't just bringing the goodness of God to our church, but we are spreading his love throughout the community. We do not judge and realize everyone has their own story. We befriend everyone who wishes to join our Christian church and help everyone live and love as God would have wanted.

We do this in a variety of ways including separate ministries for men, women, youth, and children. Come join one of our teams and help promote the goodness of our community church.

One of the most important things you can do in your community is to become an engaged member of our Christian church. Here, are some reasons why you should put down roots and join our church:

Your Own Assurance - Belonging to a church helps give you affirmation that the faith you are practicing is real and helps you become part of a wonderful community.

The Good of Others - Belonging to a church offers a community for all those attending. When you choose our church, you choose to be there for one another no matter what life throws your way.

For Our Leadership - Joining our church helps us do our job.

For the Unbelievers - Not everyone is a believer, but with our watershed church, we help reach out to the community to show that Christ is a big part of the community.

When you are looking to become a part of a wonderful community in the League City, TX area, look no further than Life Fellowship. Call today!