Join us for worship each Sunday morning at 10:00am

Our Story

In April, 2009, Life Fellowship held its first Sunday morning service in the living room of Mark and Christine Johnson, the founding pastors. One year later, the church moved into its current location in Kemah, TX.

We are a non-denominational church.

Today, more and more non-denominational churches are popping up. Our goal as a non-denominational church is to welcome all people who are interested in learning more about Christ and His teachings. With our leaders, we don't have to answer to a central council and can teach in an individualized way. When you join our non-denominational church you may be surprised where your religious journey takes you!

Life Fellowship is a Bible-based, Christ-centered and worship driven church. It is built on the foundation that our relationship with Christ is vital for our lifelong process of spiritual health and growth. We promote Biblical authenticity, character transparency, and personal honesty. Our desire is to come to unity with each other and the whole Body of Christ as we mature in thought, word, and deeds. Our desire is to truly measure up to the standard of JesusChrist.

Join Our Watershed Church Serving the League City, TX Area!

A watershed is an area of land that separates water to flow into different rivers, seas, or lakes. As God sends the rains down on us, the rain gathers and flows into creeks and rivers until they reach something larger, like lakes and oceans.

We like to think of our church as a watershed. As God pours down His greatness on us and believers receive it, we shed it into our community and let His love flow through our actions and words. This helps engage others, grow our faith, and helps us serve the world. Come join us today.